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There is a lack of research into handwritten letters and records from seamen.Therefore, printed works concerning the use of the "Ahoy"-word family have only restricted significance regarding the temporal and geographical distribution." The "boatswain answered "Holloa" and disappeared.The Scottish poet Thomas Campbell published a satirical poem in 1821, in which a rider shouted: "Murderer, stop, ohoy, oh". The form "ohoy" has been adopted by several Nordic languages.

The word can be found with similar pronunciation and writing in several other languages.The first entry in this popular reference book can be seen as an acceptance of "ahoy" into the English language.In the first half of the 19th century the word already began to find its way into many neighbouring languages.It can sometimes also be found on land spoken as a general greeting, again, especially in a maritime context. ', Seamen used the word "hoy" in the form of "hoay". Functionally related with "hoy" is a group of similar sounding calls and greetings in the Germanic languages: Middle and Modern English "hey" and "hi", German, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian hei, in Sweden hej,) is a commonly used as an informal greeting, comparable to "Hello".Alexander Graham Bell originally suggested 'ahoy-hoy' be adopted as the standard greeting when answering a telephone, before 'hello' (suggested by Thomas Edison) became common. The earliest known example is from William Langland, in whose 1393 epic poem, Piers the Ploughman, the word first appears in Middle English: 'And holpen to erie þis half acre with 'hoy! The Scottish poet William Falconer, author of a nautical dictionary, wrote 1769: "If the master intends to give any order to the people in the main-top, he calls, Main-top, hoay! It was borrowed from English [references needed] and became popular among people engaged in water sports. Two discoveries in Middle High German literature reveal interjections similar to ahoi.

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