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The best way to get feedback on your own tracks is to get involved and leave comments on other peoples tracks.

If you wish to do anything more then simply listen to and enjoy the tracks listed here get in touch with the artist who created them.

If you're interested in a collaboration, I can provide the audio as separate tracks if needed.

Description : Ambient track You can imagine yourself flying in a futuristic city like in Blade Runner.

The video begins with Kelis walking in a jungle as a huntress and then putting on a crown made out of peacock skin and singing. Another scene shows her in front of a fabric and the next shows her on the floor, demonstrating her breathing.

The chorus shows Kelis in a yellow dress that fills half of the scene, and then the final verse shows her on a desert island dressed in brown.

The chorus shows Kelis shooting an arrow in the black and white scene and then the video's ending shows Kelis on the desert island and with something holding a baby boy.

It has received positive reviews from critics many of whom praise the song for its inspirational lyrics and for its uptempo feel-good vibe which includes angelic harmonies. "Before you my whole life was acapella," she gushes on the near-hymnal chorus, "Now a symphony is the only song to sing".

The song was listed at #20 on the NME's best tracks of 2010, which they describe it "her most thrilling tune since ‘Milkshake’". The result is so uplifting, so full of energy and emotion, it doesn't just make you want to dance – it makes you want to dance with everyone who's a little bit special to you." Fraser Mc Alpine of BBC Chart Blog was also gushing with praise for the song, saying it's "a song which is itself so sparkling and loveable as to make other pop songs seem un-inspired and un-glorious, even the really good ones.

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