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| Home | Inventories | Courses | Reference | Pre-prints | E-publics | In the news | This part of the Islamic manuscripts site contains many out of print publications which are nowadays often difficult to find. Among other things it contains the full contents of Manuscripts of the Middle East (MME), the journal published by Ter Lugt Press in Leiden in the 1980's and 1990's.

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Request: Users of this virtual library are kindly invited to notify the moderator of the site if they have books or articles in electronic form that are not incorporated in this page, yet should be included in this library. - Faysal al-Hafyan, Makhtutat al-Khizana al-Hasaniyya (Ba'athat al-Ma'had al-Rabi'a ila al-Maghrib - al-Guz' al-Thani), pp. - 'Isam Muhammad al-Shanti, Makhtutat al-Falak al-Magharibiyya fi Ma'had al-Makhtutat al-'Arabiyya, pp. - Ahmad al-Tahiri, Makhtutat al-Filaha al-Andalusiyya.

Journalism and literature have always had a close relationship.

Altaf Mashhadi is another name from the long list of poets, who were also journalists.

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His original name was Syed Altaaf Husain Mashhadi and he was born on 10 February 191.. In addition to being a journalist, he was also a feudal lord.

He had accomplished munshi faazil as a private student.

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