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I also told Justin that I had driven from the other side of town during my lunch break to bring my dog there to get a bath.

Justin said that they couldn’t bathe a dog that was matted; that my dog had to have an appointment with a groomer.

NOTE: I noticed that my dog would always be shivering extremely hard when we walked into the grooming department. Several minutes later a male came on the phone to assist me.

I thought is was because he was just nervous but now I’m wondering if he was being mistreated. He proceeds to tell me he has been informed by his colleague regarding my call.

He can’t go up and down stairs so I carry him up and down our 12 steps that go from our high deck to our backyard.

When the assistant manager, Justin, walked in I told him that I had been bringing my dog there for at least seven years and that I had never had a problem (with previous/former staff) and then I started explaining what had just happened.

My husband sat next to him on our bed and wasn’t even touching him and he was crying. The first video is him swimming in a creek, outside Bozeman, on September 28th, 14 days before he was groomed.

We took him to the vet and he had a bacterial skin infection, an inflamed anus and whatever the hell was wrong with his legs.

Pet Smart was founded in 1987 by Jim and Janice Dougherty as Pet Food Warehouse. In 1989, the company name was changed to Pet Smart. “B” can’t take him because he is matted.” I then asked to speak to the manager.

After this female checked my dog she yelled, “He’s matted, he’s matted.

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