Taylor swift and stephen colletti dating dating ex boyfriends roommate

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Maybe you'll recognize a few fellas who have made you swoon at some point in your life.In Taylor's video for "White Horse" Colletti made us envy Taylor as they nuzzled together, but then he broke her heart. Here's to the many "Laguna Beach" marathons on MTV that we all got sucked into. Stephen Colletti was one of my many celebrity crushes." Kahn joked it could be their couple name with no prompting, adding in parenthesis, "I know nothing fyi."Perhaps, Kahn really doesn't know anything about Swift's love life, but it is interesting that he decided to weigh in on this. Unfortunately, it seems the mystery of Swift and Hiddleston's relationship status will remain a mystery for now. Colletti was born in Newport Beach, California, the youngest child of Lorilee (née Goodall) and Bruce Colletti.Maybe even for her seventh single "New Romantics," a 1989 bonus track, that got a live clip in April.It wouldn't be completely ridiculous to think that Swift finally decided to make the video post-breakup being that the song seems perfect for the exact moment in her life.Colletti portrayed the role of Chase Adams, a high school student who plans to save himself until marriage.

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But, I can't help but wonder if this reportedly new relationship caught by the paparazzi is actually just for the cameras. reported that Swift was "concentrating on herself" and not interested in getting into a new relationship just yet.Along with her oh-so-catchy tunes comes a variety of unique music videos.As I was in a throwback mood, I found myself lost in a binge-watching vortex of Taylor Swift music videos.For two seasons, we were blessed with Colletti's presence.He later appeared on MTV's "The Hills" and also landed the role as Chase Adams on "One Tree Hill." Tyler Hilton plays Taylor's high school crush in "Teardrops On My Guitar." You may also know him as the one and only Chris Keller from "One Tree Hill."He is also a singer-songwriter. Lucas Till gave us butterflies in "You Belong With Me." Writing notes through the window to each other and their casual encounters made crushing on this guy very easy. However, I remember Lucas Till making me swoon as a pre-teen when he starred in "Hannah Montana: The Movie." He has also starred in "X-Men: First Class," and will also star in "Mac Gyver," which airs in the Fall.

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