Who is laetitia casta dating

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Laetitia made her film debut in Asterix and Obilix Against Cesar (1999), the most expensive French film ever made and a blockbuster in Europe.

It is known that Casta is 5 years older than her boyfriend, but she absolutely does not care about the difference between her and the 31-year-old actor: before that, Garrel was in a relationship with the producer Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, who was 17 years older than he.

During their five-year romance, the couple adopted a baby girl Celine from Senegal in 2008.

Holding her special day in her father's hometown, the Normandy born-beauty - who's sister Marie-Ange is also a successful model - was originally scouted on the Island at just 15.

The music video for the song Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing is so intense that there are two versions of it: the censored version that you can see before 9pm and the uncensored version that is aired after 9pm.

One thing is certain, Laetitia Casta is stunning in both versions.

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